Eligibility and Service


All employees who have acquired seniority (accumulated 2,069 hours of service) in accordance with the Collective Agreement between the City of Regina and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local No. 21, are required to join the Plan.




On or before the date an employee becomes eligible to join the Plan, they will receive a written description explaining the terms and conditions of the Plan, describing the benefits available and the contributions required, and outlining the rights and duties of the member.


All employees eligible for membership in the Plan must complete an enrollment form which will register you in the Plan and authorize the deduction of contributions from each pay you receive.


If you have recently become eligible to participate in the Plan and have not received an enrollment form you may request one from Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc..


Pensionable Service

All service by a casual employee of the City of Regina who has acquired and maintained seniority (in accordance with the Collective Agreement) is pensionable service.  Pensionable service begins as of the day an employee obtains seniority.


There will be no break in pensionable service for periods of temporary suspension or layoff, provided the member maintains seniority.


Pensionable service shall cease:


      - when the member loses seniority as per the Collective Agreement;

      - when the member retires (at any age);

      - when the member reaches age 65;or

      - in the event of the death of the member.


Transfer To and From Other Plans

Transfers in from other pension plans are not permitted by this Plan.


Casual employees are eligible to join the Regina Civic Employees' Superannuation & Benefit Plan after completing 24 months of employment provided they completed no less than 700 hours of service in each of the two consecutive calendar years.


In the event you become a member of the Civic Plan the accumulated total of member and employer contributions may be transferred to that plan.  in the event you become a contributing member of that plan.  The transfer amount shall be determined by the Civic Plan and shall not exceed the total of the employee contribution account and the employer contribution account at the date of transfer.


All transfers are subject to the limits under The Income Tax Act.


For inquiries regarding transfer of service to the Civic Plan, please contact Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc.