It is important for all active members to name a beneficiary of your pension benefits.  This ensures benefits are paid according to your wishes should you pass away prior to commencing your pension.


If you are married or in a common-law relationship, you must name your spouse as your beneficiary since provincial law requires that death benefits be paid to your eligible spouse.  In the event that your spouse signs a pre-retirement survivor benefit waiver form (below), your spouse predeceases you, or you are single, you may designate another party as your beneficiary.  If your beneficiary is a minor, you will also need to appoint a guardian.


Your beneficiary can be one or more people or an organization (such as a charity).  In the event that you have no designated beneficiary at the time of your death, death benefits will be paid to your estate.  If you choose to name more than one benficiary, death benefits will be divided equally among all beneficiaries.



Right to Waive

If you are legally married or have a common-law spouse you may only waive the above pre-retirement death benefit provisions if your spouse completes a waiver form authorized under The Pension Benefits Act, 1992 (Saskatchewan).


      Pre-retirement Survivor Benefit Waiver Form

It is extremely important that you keep your beneficiary information up to date.  It is your responsibility to notify Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc. should your marital status change or you wish to designate another person as your beneficiary.